Look what happened when dressed like this went inside the Mosque

An armed protester attends a rally outside the Islamic Community Centre
Hundreds of anti-Islam protesters - some armed and in full military garb - attended a "freedom of speech" demonstration outside a mosque in Arizona on Friday, organised in response to a terror attack last month.

The protest was at the Islamic Community Centre of Phoenix, where the two gunmen behind the attack on an exhibit of cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed in Dallas, Texas, had worshipped. The gunmen were shot dead by police without killing anyone.Friday's protest was organised by an Iraq war veteran who posted photos of himself online wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "F--k Islam" on it, and also featured images of the Prophet Mohammed.

Amid the animosity, there was also hope. The Washington Post reports how protester Jason Leger, who was wearing an anti-Islam T-shirt, changed his perspective when he was invited into the mosque.

It was something I’ve never seen before. I took my shoes off. I kneeled. I saw a bunch of peaceful people. We all got along.

They made me feel welcome, you know. I just think everybody’s points are getting misconstrued, saying things out of emotion, saying things they don’t believe.

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