Did You Hear About Robert James?

Recently, the FBI arrested a terrorist here in America. He had written about how evil the government was; that he believed his understanding of God and Scripture told him that he had to force others to follow his way of life; and that he was willing to give his life up for His Creator and His Cause.

He had guns, weapons, and even explosives all ready for the attack, and was recruiting others to join his movement. He wanted to bomb places of worship of other faiths, because he believed only *his* faith deserves space to worship God.

It should have been big news in the media. His face should have been plastered all over Fox News and CNN, and his brazen plans of 'jihad' (religious war) would have provided incessant fuel to the government that they need to do more about radical religious terrorism and the threat of holy wars to America.

It should have been on the news, but it wasn't. That's because the man in question was not named Mustafa or Muhammad or Ahmad, but rather Robert James. And his skin color was not brown, but rather white. And the places of worship he wanted to bomb were not synagogues, but rather masjids. And his 'holy war' was not the Arabic word 'jihad', but rather the English phrase of fighting for 'liberty and God'.

The selective highlighting of only 'Muslim' acts of terrorism and the alarmist attitude towards every punk kid that gets caught in a pseudo-jihadist trap set by the FBI constructs a narrative in the mind of the American population that only Muslims are responsible for terrorist acts, and that somehow all religious lunatics come from within the Islamic tradition. Crazies like Robert James are completely ignored.

You can read more about Robert James from here.

Send this to your friends to show them that fanatics exist in all faiths, but only some are apparently worth mentioning in the news.

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