Little Deed of Kindness by a Muslim

Local Vancouver bus driver Surjit Singh Virk has most definitely seen some sights in his 16 years of service, but this has to be arguably one of the most heart-warming things he has ever witnessed.

Singh was riding the bus off-duty at the time when a Muslim man got onto the bus in traditional Muslim dress and sat beside him.

Also riding the bus was a man who had no shoes or socks.

The Muslim man noticed this unfortunate passenger and selflessly removed his shoes and socks and gave them to him, proclaiming "I don't need them and I live nearby"

This act of human kindness has quickly spread to all corners of the internet as Surjit Singh snapped up two photos - one of the man without shoes putting on his new pair & one of the Muslim man walking home barefoot; seemingly unbothered by the journey home as he casually places his hands into his jacket and continues on like nothing had happened.

The Muslim man was later tracked down by Canada's QMI agency but wished to remain anonymous, claiming that according to the Islamic faith this act of charity should remain anonymous.

The Muslim man, who wished to remain anonymous later added, “I felt bad for the guy. He was wearing plastic hairnets on his feet. I was only a two minute walk from home so I thought I could give him my shoes.”

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Writer: Kevin Bradley Huse

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