I Bleed Green

Everyday I hear it from my friends, family and people chatting with each other that it is the end, Now Pakistan won't survive its economy and it will collapse. I have only a few questions for you; Did we collapse in 1948 when people use to say Pakistan cannot stay on map? 1965 when Indians were planning to have break fast in Lahore 1998? when America threatened Pakistan that we will make horrible example out of you if you make nuclear bomb? 1999 kargil war how many kilometres our soldiers got into Indians territory?

All of those who are scared of us just listen you cannot undo Pakistan, because it is the land where we Muslims live. we live and die for a cause. You are scum bags with no guts or nuts.

You think you can buy us with your money?

You play games with us? 90% of your economy is based on weapons and what you do is, create Taliban's and terrorists and then become an angel and start rescuing. You do only the bossiness and you have only one product bloodshed, here you kill terrorist that you made yourself using the army you build. AND you tell us your the Saviour of mankind and humanity? We all know you invade countries to loot only and you fear Muslims. And you call yourself the guardian angel right? What about Kashmir? And Palestine? You gave bombs to Israel to serve humanity!

I salute you ! And I know exactly why you want my country because you fear china and we are backbone of China's trade?

You want Baluchistan because it have oil reservoirs, copper and gold. That is only you who is trying to divide Pakistan .

I have seen roasted bodies of humans in Palestine they weren't pigs. You have laws for your dogs but not for humans.

Listen to me the day is not far when I will cut your filthy hands !

What was it in Iraq? Bombs? Nuclear weapons? No, it was always about oil

And now what you are trying is to divert us by using your dirty tactics. You have given Arabs a place to spend their weekends and you have drowned them in the alcohol

Listen to me ! We are not that weak...we have a history, don't you remember? The science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and medical these all belong to us our ancestors taught you people and you call us illiterate? You put a book on my PROPHET, as the best teacher of mankind and then try to teach me?

We are not the killers but you!

A Palestinian holding the dead body of his child killed due to Israel air strike in Gaza

We have been taught not to kill women,children and elders.

We were large in numbers and strong on 6th of Ramadan, 8 Hijra , we didn't destroyed even a pitcher, didn't even touched a woman or child and you tell me we are terrorists? MY PROPHET PBUH DECLARED ABU SUFIYAN'S HOUSE A SANCTUARY'S AND YOU TELL ME WE ARE OPPRESSORS!

Hazrat Umar ruled 5.8 million square kilometres and yet he didn't call himself a ruler but a servant of the common people.

Khalid Bin Walid also known as the "drawn sword of god", he led the armies that conquered Palestine and Syria with a limited number of troops. Palestine belongs to Muslims and more of soldiers like khalid bin waleed are coming to free Palestine. I am a soldier, a warrior myself and I have started the war with the pen.

The day is not far when we will crush you And your economy and we will make you suffer.

I am a Pakistani and a Muslim, I love my Muslim brother, I love Palestinians and Kashmiris, I can shed blood for them.

State doesn't allow me to kill you but I will kill your economy. Indian brutal security forces have orphaned over 107351 children, widowed 22728 women and gang raped 9920 women and young girls.

A Kashmiri Woman Protest against Indian army

Do you know why I cry?

How it is to see your 13 years daughter being raped in-front of you by a group of animals in army uniform?

How does it feel to see your song tortured and executed in-front of you? How is it like to see your women running naked in streets?

I know my Kashmir and Palestinian brothers you hate us but believe me we love you but there is no Umar,no Khalid Bin Waleed and no Salahudin who can set you free. My leaders are coward.

Writer Amir Gohar from Pakistan

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