Photos Show Why We Should Be Scared of India's New Leader

Narendra Modi will be the next prime minister of India with in few days. Do you know Modi is known as Controversial Hindu nationalist who was involved in so many anti Islamic / anti Muslim activities in India including the mass murder of Muslims took place in Gujarat, under Modi's leadership. in 2002.

Indian Muslims are not the only one who need to be worried about their next prime minister but Hindus as well, because some legal sources says that he was involved in the murder of Hindu pilgrims (Godhra train burning) which was blamed to Muslims in 2002.

Following are some pictures of terrorist attacks from past done and supported by Modi's political party. According to Human Rights Watch report these attacks against Muslims were supported by Modi's state government and official police as well.

Young people burn vehicles and debris in the streets of Ahmadabad, in the Indian state of Gujarat on Feb. 28, 2002.

At least 50 buildings, mostly Muslim-owned, were burned in Ahmadabad.

Razia, a Muslim woman, sobs while praying near her destroyed home on March 2, 2002.

Nazir Khan, 20, looks out from a refugee camp for Muslims forced to leave by religious violence in Ahmadabad.

At least 942 people had been killed in two months of sectarian violence between Hindus in Muslims in the Indian state of Gujarat.

75 per cent of 8-year-old Hamid Roja's body was burned during Hindu-Muslim riots. The young Muslim boy recieved treatment at a civil hospital in Ahmadabad.

A firefighter tries to douse flames in the Dudheshwer area of Ahmadabad.

Muslim Mohammed Hamif Gandhi cries during a peace rally against the riots at the Kochrab Ashram in Ahmadabad.

A man walks through the rubble of a Muslim area near Ahmadabad, India.

An unidentified Hindu woman brings her children as she moves to a safer place in stone Viramgam.

Muslims from Zikkar Hussain Chowal salvage what is left of their ransacked and burnt homes.

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