Reality Behind Girl with Sewn Mouth and Eye

Now a days a picture of a girl with mouth and eye sewn is getting popular, specially this picture has been promoted by popular Christians and non-Muslims Facebook pages including some popular websites by title of Saudi Arabia: Officials Sew the Mouth and Eye Shut of a Young Girl Who Professed ‘Jesus as Her Saviour..’

But how about if i tell you that the news spreading against Muslim world is totlly fake? "Too bad this young lady is really in Japan and is partaking in body modification, which is a trend there: Just look for picture #30 or 31 in the gallery title extreme body modification Japan. The original picture is over 3 years old.

Screen Shot from website

How can you verify if the picture is fake?
  1. Open
  2. Click on Photogallery (at top)
  3. Extreme body modification Japan
  4. The Pictures will start loading, you have to wait until picture number 30 and 31 came.

Here is the copy of fake news being spreading with this picture
This young girl that was employed in Palmelkh, Saudi Arabia had the audacity to say ‘..Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is a personal Savior..’
This angered many officials at her work and they ordered men to carry out the process of sewing her mouth shut, in order to stop her from expressing her love for Christ Jesus. Additionally, they sewed her left eye shut as an added form of punishment. The process utilized was not only inhumane but unsanitary.  The plastic thread that was used contained chemicals, for the sole purpose of intentionally causing infection.
This story has been confirmed through Human Rights Organizations that called this report: ‘..not only a reflection of the deadly Saudi Arabian Human Rights System, but a clearly flagrant violation of women’s rights..’ is making money on the bases of this picture
Do you know what is the most shocking fact about this news? the popular Christian website collection money on the bases of this picture on different charity website.

What if your responsibility regarding to this news?
Share this post link on different Facebook pages, reply with this link to those fake news websites and popular Churches fan pages to inform them that the story spreading by the name of Muslims are fake and Islam does not teach Muslims to practice such kind of stuff in any case.

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