Stop Killing the Muslims in Burma!

Burma is a Buddhist country whose total population is 75 million in which 0.7 million are Muslims. And the sad thing about that these 0.9%, yes less than 1% of total population is not safe any more in their own country Burma. The Burma Muslims have been under this affliction after 1962 when the army usurped the power in Burma. Time to time and year to year the murder of innocent Burma Muslims are increasing.

3rd June 2012 was the black day for the Muslims of Burma when 11 innocent Muslims including kids were killed by the Burmese Army and the Buddhist mobs after bringing them down from a bus. After that the a vehement protest was carried out in the Muslim majority province of Arakan, but the Protestants fell victims to the tyranny of the mobs and the army.

Yes, in the result of the protest of Burmese Muslims the Burmese army and extreme Buddhist burned more than 500 villages which cause the thousands of death and thousands have been exterminated. Their houses, their mosques, their school and their hospitals has been burned because they protest for 11 innocent Muslims which has been killed just because they were Muslims.

According to the Burmese Muslims around 0.2 millions Muslims has been effected and there is not a single Muslim family of these who does not lose their family member or get injured.

Indeed the incident of Burmese Muslims are sad and not forgotten but the same time the most shocked thing about the whole story is that not a single media of this world had published any news about it. And all the human rights organizations have maintained a criminal silence up till now.

This is not a new thing or an unprecedented massacre. Muslims have been a subject to such hostility even before. If we go through the annals of history we come to the very tenable conclusion that Muslims were always on the suffering side. Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. It doesn’t allow its followers to lay-waste any other tenet. This leaves behind a big question mark. Why are the followers of such a peaceful religion being oppressed from time to time?

The fear stricken faces of the poor Burmese Muslims really cuts one apart. The glimpse of their bruised bodies is a heart rending spectacle. Where is the UN now? Why isn’t the International media highlighting this issue? Why are the competitive authorities of the Muslim world procrastinating?

A Buddhist coming back after burning the houses of Muslims in Burma

Stop killing the Burmese Muslims. The leaders of Muslim world should raise a voice in favor of the poor Burmese Muslims at the international forum. The whole Muslim world should join hands to get the poor Burmese out of their distress and misery.

Take the first step by sharing this post with other people and aware as much as people you can because the media is not gone do this..


  1. Alllah In Ko Apmii Hifzooo Imaann Meim Rekhteee Ameeen

    1. those are not Buddhists Buddhists commit no acts of violence

  2. Such the worst thing when UN, US, EU which always care of humanity but don't care of it. Astagfirullah-hul-azim.

  3. I was in tears looking at these photo's how can the powers that be stand by and let this happen. what can common ordinary people like myself do to help. I am white British and feel sickened knowing my country is prepared to turn a blind eye. Patrick Devaney

  4. those are not even Muslims no horrible head coverings on the women. can see their hair. and if they are Buddhists, Muslims deserve it for what they did in Bahamian to the Buddha statues

  5. when a Muslim woman can be my friend, i will no longer wish the death of all Muslim men